Arduino SI5351A VFO

Ok, by popular demand, here are my project files for the Arduino SI5351A VFO. The board layout was done in SprintLayout and I do have some boards being fabbed up in China and should have them here within a week, as I need a few for my own projects. So the board uses an Arduino Nano and the SI5351A breakout board from Hans Summers QRP-LABS. The other things needed are LCD 16×2 and an I2C LCD board so that you only need to use 4 wires to connect the LCD, power, ground, SDA and SCL. The only other thing is a rotary encoder. There is no schematic of how to wire these things up, there is only 1 place each thing can go, SDA, SCL for the LCD and INT0 and INT1 for the rotary encoder, its not rocket science, just google the pinout for the nano and you can work it out. And in all reality, you should be able to do and understand these things anyway, just by reading the code.


multifeaturedvfo  This code was mostly written by NT7S , SQ9NJE and AK2B. All I have done to this is changed a few things to make the VFO work correctly with the BIYx 40m SSB. Please acknowledge them for their work and contribution by emailing them and thanking them. The 3 libraries used are also included in the archive. Place them into your Arduino Library folder. Also read through the code, I have added some comments that will help in getting the thing aligned and on frequency. Remember every breakout will be slightly different because the xtal will be slightly different so you have to calibrate the SI5351a to get it perfect.

si5361 These are the Gerber files so you can fab your own boards. Either send them to a fab house in China, load them into your own software and CNC route or ink transfer and make your own. The board on the left in the image below is one i made on my CNC router to ensure it is correct and working. The signal out of the SI5351a breakout can be taken from the 3 pin headers or from the SMA on the board, depending on how you need to deliver the signal into your own project. You can also see that I have used SIP Headers to connect everything, rather than soldering direct to the board. Its always nice to be to able to pill things out if they go wrong.


6 thoughts on “Arduino SI5351A VFO

  1. do you have a complete drill file for the si5361 pcbs. Current one doesn’t seem to have any drill info

    1. SI5351_excelion.DRL is in the file and it works fine for me. I loaded it up in Flatcam to ensure it contains drill locations and that they align with the pads.

  2. Wondering if you made any changes to the sketch.

    Second question- what version IDE did you use. I am using 1.8 and getting some compile errors.

    1. The version of code i am using is very changed from what is here. I now have mine doing multi bands and filter switching etc. I think off the top of my head I am using v1.6 of the ide, they have changed so much since then, so i have not updated things.

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