DRA818 VHF and UHF Breakout Board

DRA818 VHF and UHF module breakout board.

I picked up a DRA818V module off ebay to have a play with. So i quickly routed up a breakout board for it, its not the best board i have ever made, but it will do the job.

img_20161113_162556 img_20161113_162150


2 thoughts on “DRA818 VHF and UHF Breakout Board

  1. Hey there, do you have the files available for routing that board by chance? We have a router, just not the resource for designing the breakout board. Thanks, Evan

    1. Hi Even,

      I have the original layout files that i can make into gcode, but that that is not going to help you learn much. The best thing to do is start learning how to use some software. More than happy to help you work through a project or 3 via email to get you on your feet using the same softare stack I use.


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