10w CW Transmitter Module Test

I finally got around to boxing up the 10w CW module i bought off ebay. I mated it up with a SI5351A and Arduino, a home brew keyer and put it on the air tonight to give it a test. I was Txing only as I am yet to make a matching receiver to go with this, but that will be the next task.


Front panel, home brew keyer and the begali key.img_20161111_175826

Rear panel and the internals.

Video thanks to Steve VK3MEG who was listening out and recording my transmission.


3 thoughts on “10w CW Transmitter Module Test

  1. Hi Rob…
    I have been looking for a link to the CW module you mention in this post, but without success.
    Would you be able to provide a link please?

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