New Portable Setup

So i have just about finished my entire portable setup. Going to join the 5w qrp crowd for my portable operating, with the Bitx 40m and the Youkits HB1B and a 7Ah deep cycle. Coupled with the squidpole and linked dipole, it should be a whole lot of fun. The HB1B has its own battery built in, so I should be good for quite a few hours on the radio.



Black Box Station

Not all black box operators have a cornflakes packet understanding of electronics, some like myself also have a rice crispy understanding HIHI. Anyway, this is my black box operators station, it consists of 3 black boxes, 1 an unpowered speaker box, the 2nd a direct conversion receiver for 40m and the 3rd a 40m 5w cw transmitter. The transmitter and tx rx switching are a work in progress, but the rest works well.