The Pixie Tranceiver

While listening to the 7.130 DX Net I generally keep my hands busy building something. Tonight it has been a Pixie. Super easy build of course, but I have a need for 4 of them, pairs on different frequencies, for a radio demonstration for a bunch of kids. Next job is to make a straight key for this one.


Gotta make sure its working and making signal and not harmonics 🙂


Build and powered up for testing.


Started to button up in a box.


All done and ready for use.



2 thoughts on “The Pixie Tranceiver

  1. Good work!

    Please show the link to the interesting pixie design.

    Looking at a scope to a sinewave output is not the right method, to decide about harmonics.
    That is because a maximum of 1% distortion is allowed.

    1. Hi Frans,

      I will scan the schematic and add it to the page for you. And yes, using the scope for harmonics is the wrong thing to do, I was only using it to see the power output, at best you are only ever going to see problems that are greater than -25db, I do have a spectrum analyzer for actual harmonic measurement. As for working, out of the 5 or so different pixie designs I have build, I like this one the best.


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