Lab power Supply

A lab power supply can cost a lot for a good multi channel one. I dont want to spend $300 + dollars on a 3 channel psu, so I am making my own out of an ATX PSU and a handful of buck and boost converter modules. The good thing about doing things this way is that you do not have to play with 240v.

The specs will be 3.3v, 5v and 12v fixed supplies, 2 times 3-12v variable supplies and 12-30v variable supply. A cornucopia of supply rails with the 12v rail able to supply a maximum of 20 amps, i will not want for power when I am home brewing circuits and need multiple supply rails.

The buck and boost converters are off ebay, they also have current limiting, which is nice I will have them turned down to less than an amp most of the time, and the most they can supply is 5a, i will never get close to hitting the max on the psu even if i make something that tries to draw a lot of amps.


Mocking up the layout after making the base of the case.


The entire case will be framed in alloy angle as i have no bending facilities.


Cutout and mounted the psu to the back panel.

Layout of the front panel making sure there is enough space around the pots and banana sockets.

Front panel is as crooked as a hillbillies tooth thanks to not owning a real drill press and using a dremel drill press for doing the pilot holes. I will probably keep it and not have a do-over, now its on to the rats nest of wiring and building in the rest of the case.



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