Portable CW Key

So i have one of those god awful chinese cw keys designed for the FT817 that I use portable so i do not have to take the Begali with me. Expensive key being bashed about does not sound appealing to me. Anyway, i have used tape and all sorts of methods of holding this thing in place for use. But the other day I finally made up a suitable base for it to make the worst key in the world almost usable.

I routed up some bits of 6mm ply on the CNC and did a quick dry run to see if it was going to work.


Next i droped the rig in place and all seemed to be good.



Gave it a good sanding and then glued it all together with some 5min epoxy


The end result, the weight of the light weight rig is enough to hold the key in place and make it useable.


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