Preamp for 40m DC Receiver

I have tried a few times to include a preamp in my DC Receiver project and each time I have had utter failure and that was using circuits that others have used and found to be reliable, so go figure. Rather tan trying to do the most ultra low noise amp, I figure i should just make a class A with a BJT and stick it in the circuit and see how it goes, it cannot be any worse than what I have managed previously, IE Failure.


So i have all the bits laid out ready to ugly build the hell out of this. The transistor is a 2n3866 RF transistor with a FT of over 500mhz, should be more than adequate for 40m HIHI.


Built and ready for testing.


Scope, signal source and power connected for smoke testing.


Feeding it with a very small 7mhz signal. The receiver is for 40m after all.


Success, 4v p-p with 50mv drive, now i just have to wire it into the receiver and see if it works.


My Workshop

On thing i manage to do well, is make a mess. Not so great on the cleaning up or being tidy and organized. But i got a little excited the other day and started to sort out all my stuff and make it into some sort of organized mess, where i can at least find things.


Starting with my component trays, I have them all stacked together now in the one location, the only thing i need to do is to add front lables so i know what is in each tray. Each tray has its own theme so its just a one word label that is needed, resistors, transistors, IC’s, Arduino etc.


So after getting all my componentry away and tidy, i had some bench space left over, and do i cleaned up and organized my work and test area of my bench. Things are nice and clean for now, I just need to find a place for my current project, the 3 boxes on the upper shelf and fill that gap with something nice like a spectrum analyser. HIHI.