40m DC Receiver


Among the many projects that i have neglected lately, the direct conversion receiver has probably seen the least amount of love. So feeling energetic today I gave the board layout a little love, moved somethings about and added in a few others. The main change has been the addition of some Rx Tx switching. I have a single pole single throw relay in my box of tricks, i do not know where it came from, but i thought i would use it to switch the incoming signal on and off. Not really eloquent, but it will do the job and I wont have to round RF from the back panel to the front. Other than that, reverse polarity protection diode in the 12v input like and a little tweaking of the band pass filter. After i give this all the twice over, it will be export gerbers, fire up the CNC and route a new board for this and get it boxed up.


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