12v 0.5A Solar Panel

Its been a while since i have updated this space. I have been waiting on parts and kind of lost interest with my home brew endeavours for a bit, but i still find some time to tinker. I finally got the rest of the solar panels I had on order and have wired them up, 2 panels paralleled 4 pairs in series. Theoretically we should have 12v 8watts or 0.6amps.


So I got some sun today, being winter and 4pm in the late afternoon, to see 300ma peaking on a panel that should max out at 0.6amps is quite nice. With some sun intensity we should see close to the max being made, and certainly over 0.5 of an amp.


Unloaded voltage is about 13.8v, so everything is looking nice, now i just have to mount it all up on some plastic sheet i have, add some plugs to the wire, series diodes so the battery does not flow back into the panel and finally a volt meter and ammeter as I will be the charge controller and over volt protection for the AGM deep cycle,


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