New QSL Cards


An interesting story with this one. I had been calling cq for a while, having a qso with the odd station here and there, when i got into a ragchew with Cliff, a ZL station. We had been chatting away for 15 mins or more when John said his call during a pause, he was a little low down to me, but, 5mins later when he was called into the qso, he was a nice easy copy. I could only have a brief qso with John as i needed to use the loo, i was about to explode, but, we made an exchange and a few other pleasantries and I do hope to catch him on the bands again. Tu 73’s John.


I have worked Michel a number of times, always a big signal, with those antenna is it any wonder 🙂


First time i have worked Dennis, was nice to get another Philippines station in the log.

Abendstimmung auf Farm Ameib Erongo-Gebirge

I was really pleased to have a qso with Gunter, he was calling VK/ZL and with next to no takers i was able to get him 2nd call, this was also my 2nd African country.


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