1w Driver Amp

Failure is always an option 🙂

So, i need a 1w driver amp to drive a pair of IRF510’s in a 10W final PA. Having played with a number of my own designs, and failed miserably, i decided that it was time to borrow from others something that is known to work. The following is the amp chain from The Beach 40 by VK3YE Peter Parker.


I first laid out the board in Sprint Layout.


I then routed the board out on the CNC machine.



Then built the board and proceeded to smoke test it.


I have an obvious clipping issue because of 2 much gain in the 2nd stage where i reversed the bias and gain resistors by mistake, a quick fix on those should fix that ugly waveform. I also do not need almost 3w, I only need 1w, so i will also be increasing the gain resistors to bring the output back closer to the 1w i need. All in all, a successful experiment.


So after tinkering with the gain on the first stage, i have the thing looking nice and clean and giving 0.8w, smack bang in the middle of the 0.5 to 1w drive the final amp requires.


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