1w Driver Amp

Failure is always an option 🙂

So, i need a 1w driver amp to drive a pair of IRF510’s in a 10W final PA. Having played with a number of my own designs, and failed miserably, i decided that it was time to borrow from others something that is known to work. The following is the amp chain from The Beach 40 by VK3YE Peter Parker.


I first laid out the board in Sprint Layout.


I then routed the board out on the CNC machine.



Then built the board and proceeded to smoke test it.


I have an obvious clipping issue because of 2 much gain in the 2nd stage where i reversed the bias and gain resistors by mistake, a quick fix on those should fix that ugly waveform. I also do not need almost 3w, I only need 1w, so i will also be increasing the gain resistors to bring the output back closer to the 1w i need. All in all, a successful experiment.


So after tinkering with the gain on the first stage, i have the thing looking nice and clean and giving 0.8w, smack bang in the middle of the 0.5 to 1w drive the final amp requires.


VKFF Honor Roll 150

VK4FFAB VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 150


This is the latest award i have received for VKFF/WWFF programs for working 150 different parks. Which for a Queensland based F-Call is a fair achievement. To add a little perspective, at the time i writing i am ranked 30th in VK all time rankings, 3th highest Qld’er behind big gun Rick VK4RF and Rob VK4AAC who is portable in VK5, and 3rd highest ranked F-Call behind Amanda VK3FQSO and Adrian VK5FANA, both of whom are much closer to the action than I am. So i am certainly punching above my weight here when it comes to VKFF.

Thanks as always goes to all the park activators for without whom there is no program and to Paul Simmons for his tireless work as national co-ordinator and passionate activator extraordinary. Thanks guys. 73 and 44.