100 DXCC Entities Worked

I was first licensed on 25 September 2014, a little over 18 months ago at the time of writing this. And from the very beginning i was hooked on chasing DX and with contests. A few weeks after being on the air, in October was the 2014 Oceania DX Contest, over about 6 hours, i worked 30 different countries, I was hooked.
A little later i found out about CQ WW Contest, John Moyle Field Day and the WWFF/VKFF and VK5 Parks programs and I started to set myself some goals for what I would like to achieve while on my F Call. For those who read this, who dont know anything about the F-Call license, it is a rather restricted license, SSB, CW and FM modes only, 80, 40, 15 , 10, 2m and 70cm only and the worst part of it 10w only.

But being limited in what i can use was never going to stop me, i got that taste for DX and i was not going to upgrade my license till I had worked 100 DXCC entities. Doing so without 20m or reasonable power was going to be a challenge, but not impossible, and today i achieved one of last goals on my list, 100 DXCC.

Now, most are not confirmed, I think only about 70 of them are confirmed across LOTW, Club Log, EQsl and Paper, but I am not concerned with confirmation, just the knowledge that I have worked all these places is more than enough for me. All that now remains on my goals list, is to put in a proper effort at being the top placed F-Call in my division at John Moyle Field Day this year and then sit the licence upgrade, get 20m and start on the next 100 DXCC.


73 and thank you to all the dx stations in my log.



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