Buffer Amp, Pre Amp and Mixer

So after the success i had the other night routing bits up, I thought i would have a go at something simple just to wet my feet and ensure i have everything set correct. And i could not be happier with the results. The board i routed is as shown in the picture below, a simple gain stage buffer to bring the DDS upto 7dbm, a SMD mixer and and RF Preamp using a MAR-6 MMIC.

buffer-preamp-mixer DSC_1565

I am very happy with how this turned out, it just needs a hit with steel wool to remove burs. I think the graver was on the blunt side after being used as heavily as it was last time out, I am not sure on that, but, i will find out soon enough when i make the next board and use a nice new sharp bit.



I have cut and cleaned the board ready for population. Looks even better now 🙂



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