CNC Routing Progress Update


So, after waiting a lone time, things finally arrived from China and i got some new CNC Gravers in my mitts and have been able to do a little more testing to get this business sorted out. I still have an issue with the FR4 board not being flat, they seem to have an arch in them upto 2mm, i try and bend them back flat, but its not the best solution.

In the above picture i am making what amount to ME pads and squares for prototyping with Manhattan construction, rather than waste a whole board, i thought this would be a good way to test things out and ensure i have my settings right and if it fails, running over the same board with different settings would not matter too much, you can see it is already on its 3rd pass over the board. Needed to make changed to settings and g-code.

So what I have is a 0.1mm 30Deg graver a cut depth of 0.15mm, 2 passes 0.05mm offset and i am happy with the track isolation now and should be able to make a usable board with these settings.

All in all, happy with how its going so far, here is a video of the cutting in action.

An hour later and it was done, here is a picture of the finished product, i think i am ready now to make a board that will be part of my projects.




2 thoughts on “CNC Routing Progress Update

  1. Instead of tape around the edges, try double sided tape under the board (hopefully it will stick to your base).

    Should help take the bow out of the FR4.


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