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So after a lot of DRAMA, i finally have the CNC machine working and ready to start routing boards for me. This has been quite the journey, with everything and then some going wrong along the way. In part because the instructions were not all that clear when it came to what individual aspects of the software and hardware will work together and partly due to the fact i really did not research things deep enough to ensure it would work out of the box.

No matter what i tried, i could not get this to work off the parallel port of any computer using any version of windows, i could not get linuxcnc to find and use my parallel port, and a whole lot of other crap i wish i knew earlier. Even the $200 motion controller (CN-100) i bought to bypass the parallel port issues did not like windows 10 and i have had to use YET ANOTHER COMPUTER with windows 7 on it to get it all working.

So it works, and that is a relief, as i was about to the point of putting an axe to it and rage quitting for good LOL.I have done a little testing just to make sure things are actually right. First test was to run some G-Code and just let the machine do its thing:

Next test was to tape a pen to the spindle and make sure that the output looks like the G-Code of the board i was routing.


And it looked just how it should, obviously the tracks are not to scale as the pen had a fat tip, but you can see the board looks like a circuit. All in all, i am pretty happy now that this is working and I can crack on into making some boards for my many projects.



A small update, i have done some routing, was going along just fine and PING the bit went, and I made a mess trying to correct it LOL.




This is looking much more like it, 3rd time is the charm. I still need to offset everything to the left about 0.5mm and up 2mm and it should be perfect, I know how to do all that now. Next problem is working out why my drill file is not right. Nothing is ever easy, but Its getting there.



Poor mans silk screen, SHARPIE LOL.

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