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So i bought a CNC Router to make my own 1 sided boards initially and as i get better branch out into 2 sided boards. I am just waiting on a pcie Parallel card to arrive to drop into my computer and start on some boards that i have designed for the CW Transceiver that I am building currently.

Now i know you can use toner transfer and other methods, but of late my failure rate with toner transfer has been very very high, so much so that I have gotten the shits with the method and will soon be CNCing my way to victory. Oh and Im not sure why my toner transfers are failing, I am cleaning the boards with steel wool to remove the corrosion, wiping down with isoprople to make sure its clean, using a laminator to do the transfer and not getting much in the way of toner sticking to the boards. Anyways, that will soon be a think of the past, as all my boards will soon be routed.

Software im using are as follows:

  • Sprint Layout: pcb layout software
  • PCB 2 G-Code: converts gerber to g-code
  • Mach 3: control software for cnc routing

More to come on this next week, once i have it all up and running.


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