VK3AQZ Kits Attenuators


I ordered these kits on Monday and had them in my hands Tuesday, nice work overnight express delivery. Bought from VK3AQZ Kits for $20 each plus post. I would be hard pressed to Ebay the parts for these and come in under that cost and then they would not look as professional and well made as these with their machined cases and chromed labels.


The 2 kits i bought give a total of 10 and 50 db of attenuation, the first gives 1, 2, 3 and 4 db of attenuation.


The 2nd gives 10, 20, 20 db of attenuation. They are rated to 250mw and 50mhz. But, with paralleling the shunt capacitors you can make these 1w, either way, for just about every application one might use these for in their homebrew projects, they are more than adequate for the job at hand. Form 3db points on filters and resonators, to 10 and 20db points to align the rf meter, to noise testing and the like. Attenuators are handy kits to have.


Kits go together very easy.


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