RFPM1 RF Power Meter Part 2

RFPM1 RF Meter Kit by vk3aqz Kits.

Ok, so a quick update on the RF power meter, I have got it complete, I did not take as many pictures as i should have. The kit is super easy, the instructions are brilliant, the packaging brilliant and the service from Lou the kit maker, just awesome. I cannot fault any aspect of this build, it has all been super clear and easy. The videos of the build process show everything you need to know, and the alignment videos are superb and make things so simple and clear.

All i have left to do is smoke test and align the meters and power head. To do that I need attenuators, and for that, I will write another blog post, as i bought 2 attenuator kits also from VK3AQZ kits.


SMD part in the RF power head are easy enough to solder, not a huge fan of doing it, but nothing a bit of liquid flux wont make easy.


RF power head assembly is rather straight forward. The video instructions make things very clear here.


Now i did not take any pictures of this as it went together, totally forgot, but the build is super simple and the use of JST XH connectors throughout makes for a nice clean wiring job.


The unit fully assembled, ready to smoke test and align.



Only job remaining after alignment is to add the handles, and feet to the case and then use it often in projects. All in all, very happy with the quality of the build. I cannot wait to get it aligned now and to use it on my projects.


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