Bye Bye IC-718


18 months ago i became an amateur, my first radio was an IC-718, it was about all i could afford at the time. It has served me well and been very reliable, but all good things must come to and end and for radios there comes a time when you upgrade.

In the last 6 months i have gotten into CW. And anyone who has tried CW with a barn door receive knows, just how painful it can be without a good CW narrow filter. So my options became spend $350 on a Icom narrow filter or upgrade the radio to one with IF DSP. So, I will soon be the prowd owner of an IC-7410. Yes im an Icom fan, the menu structure feels familiar and uncomplicated. I do also own an FT-897 and to be honest i have never really felt comfortable with this radio and for CW it has always felt hideous and the AF DSP rather disappointing.

So my last QSO on this radio was today with special event call VI2AJ2016 who was in Sydney Australia on 40m. This special event call is for the Scout Jamboree. Thanks and bye bye IC-718. May your new owner enjoy you very much.


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