While activating for the WWFF/VKFF programs are my main focus and enjoyment, I do also hunt other activators as time and conditions allow for. This is the 4th award in this series of global WWFF awards, being for working 10, 44, 88 and 132 unique references. These contacts were made to all mainland VK areas, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8 as well as Japan, France and Germany. Being an F call I have limited DX opportunities as most of the DX work 20m and I do not have access to this band. But I do OK and take the opportunities as i get them.

My goals for the new year are to get the next award in this series, 176 and to go back through some of my less successful activations and get them to quota and earn the Activator 22 award and VKFF 30 activator and put in a big effort for the John Moyle Fields Day and the 2016 Mass Activation Weekend. The wife and I are already itching to go camping, and over the next few days we will start to plan out out first trip of the year. Bring on the WWFF, bring on the activations, bring on the DX and bring on the camping trips.

H 132 2015 VK4FFAB 250


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