New QSL Cards

I have not been doing much DX of late, or radio in general for that matter, but still managed a few new cards from the VKFF Mass Activation Weekend. A nice one in thas was a park to park with VK8GM. VK8 is almost rare DX within Australia, not a lot of operators there and a very sparse population, makes it hard for contacts, but it was nice to get another VK8 park in the log.

Cliff VK2NP was in Sea Acres for another park to park contact, it was his first park activation and from all reports he had such a ball that he will be doing more activations in the new year. Anyway, the VKFF Mass Activation Weekend was a huge success and one i thoroughly enjoyed participating in. Thanks to Paul Simmons vk5PAS for organising the event. I cannot wait till the next one, should be great.

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