50A Anderson Plugs

Doing a few little jobs today while listening to the ARRL 10m contest on the radio. Now that i have solar panels i really need a way to charge the battery while out portable, so I knocked up this Anderson Plug and bolted it to the battery. I will be able to radio and charge the battery at the same time which will be nice.


Anderson plug after being soldered and crimped. YES BOTH


And now bolted firm to the battery.


100w Dummy Load

Not all builds are big and fancy. Sometimes you just have to build something to do the job. This 100w dummy load is 20 x 5w resistors in parallel, nothing fancy and should handle the 60w i wish to throw at it for a couple of amplifier projects i have sitting here.

The 30w dummy load i build previously, 10 x 3w resistors was starting to get warm around the 25w mark, so i think this new one should stay cool to 80 or 80w quite easily. I will add a 12v fan to the case if i need to cool it and give it more power at some stage.


Resistors soldered to the board in a grid 4×5.


Being 5% parts you expect some variation, but near enough to a 50 ohm load as you can get.