A Vertical Dipole for 15m

Sometimes a simple construction project can be fun, I mean you cannot always be knee deep in solder, resistors and capacitors. Sometimes you find a need that needs fulfilling even if its just a boring antenna.

Next weekend (At time of this post) I am partaking in a WWFF VKFF mass activation weekend and working dx is going to be a big part of my strategy for the 8 parks i will be activating over 3 days. So i thought lets go vertical and lets make it a dipole so there are no stupid radials and counterpoises to contend with.

I wont boor you with formulas and measurements, i am pretty sure you all know how to google a frequency length calculator to make a dipole, but rather just to show you how i went about making this and the results i achieved.


I constructed a T out of some old conduit i had laying about, this is to get the feedline coming off at 90 deg to the antenna for 500mm.


The feedline should come off the T at a 45deg angle to the antenna, i do not have the room to do that at home, this results in a narrower bandwidth for the band in use.


The antenna was a little long 5cm in fact. it has since been trimmed and is now swr of 1.5 or less across all of 15m


The ultimate test is what it does on the air. A quick test on Reverse Beacon network showed that i was being heard in places on this antenna up to 10db snr higher than the 40m dipole i use at home. And for those China stations, it meant being heard rather than not being heard. All in all i am happy with how things have turned out and i look forward to getting this baby in the air next friday and working some DX.


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