Echolink on Linux

As you likely already know, the Echolink team do not provide a native linux solution. The best they offer is run it under wine. And if you run a modern linux distro that is up to date, and have tried to install echolink under wine, you will know that it crashes before the unpacker has done its job. But, fear not there is a solution.

sm0svx has written a native linux Echolink client and server and it can be found at . Now this is not going to be an easy sudo apt-get install, you will have to compile from source and it has a string of dependencies that also need to be accounted for before you do anything.

I run Linux Mint, but these instructions should work for any debian/ubuntu based distro. For others replace apt-get with your package manager commands. Yum on redhat/centos for example.


Step 1: Install all the dependencies:

Step 2: Download the source files:

Step 3: Unpack source and issue the following commands:

Sit back and wait while the software compiles:

Step 4: Run the Software:

And that is it really, you can make install if you want, but i generally run software like this locally from my home directory. QTEL is the echolink client software and svxlink is the server client. Hope this helps,