40m Direct Conversion Receiver



My home brew cw station will consist of 3 parts, the receiver, the transmitter and the tuner. Each will be built separate of the others and brought together at the end as a whole and hopefully it works. The receiver will be direct conversion using parts of the schematic from Experimental Methods in RD Design by Hayward Et Al. The parts of that i will use are the preamp front end, the audio diplexer and LNA preamp and the headphone amplifier. The mixer will be an ADE-1 from Mini Circuits rather than a TUFF-1, the audio filters will be active OP Amp Salen Key types and the VFO will be an Arduino DDS VFO as you just cannot beat them for stability and easy of use and rather than headphones, the headphone amp will be use as a preamp to a conventional audio amplifier driving a 4ohm speaker.


IMG 1: Schematic from Experimental Methods in RD Design by Hayward Et A


IMG 2: Front view of the case


IMG 3: Arduino nano on etched board with DDS and TX RX switching relay.


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