Universal Memory Keyer

I have almost completed the Universal Memory Keyer kit from Kits and Parts. The kit goes together well, is well designed and uses quality components. There are a couple of things are can be confusing, like the 4 different types of keying output or the 2 different power inputs. But once you get past those hurdles it, it does everything you expect.

Programming in the memory’s is not something for the feint hearted. To be honest its an exercise in futility, almost. Firstly after pushing the function button then the memory button you are then able to key in what you want in memory. However, its slow on the upload, so, you have to go one word at a time and pause. cq, wait till the keyer beaps e then cq etc, but when you get to your callsign, mine is 7 letters vk4ffab, you have to triple space the letters. V   K   4   etc, which is not something that most of use do, we are so used to keying off our call at whatever speed we normally operate at, that doing this, seems, well unnatural.

Anyway, i am happy with the keyer even with its quirks, and will likley buy a couple more, one to use at home permanently, one in the portable station box and another in the homebrew station im working on. Happy days 🙂

IMG_20151020_195908IMG: Assembled Universal Memory Keyer


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