World Wide Flora and Fauna and VKFF are the programs that i enjoy the most. from activating parks to chasing parks, it has become a big part of my radio time. From short afternoon trips to full weekend camp outs, I have enjoyed working towards these awards. At time of writing I had Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond awards for VKFF. But there are now 2 new ones to come, for working 75 and 100 entities. When i apply for and receive those i will post them up here also.


VK4FFAB Silver VKFF Hunter VK4FFAB Bronze VKFF Activator VK4FFAB Diamond VKFF Hunter


VK5 Parks Award

The VK5 Parks award is a scheme for hunters and activators to work from the many many conservation parks in South Australia. Its a really nice program with many awards, below are just a few of the ones i have received. Being in VK4 does make this a bit of a challenge, but one i am happy to undertake. This award scheme melds in well with the WWFF VKFF awards programs, as many of the conservation parks are now also part of both programs.


VK4FFAB Silver NP Uniques Hunter

VK4FFAB Bronze CP Uniques Hunter

VK4FFAB Gold VK5 Parks Hunter

VK4FFAB Silver VK5 Parks Hunter