Its Almost Like Doing Radio

Its been as hot as satans farts here and so on goes the air-con. But the crappy inverter in the air-con wipes out all of HF with hash, making it unusable. But I felt like doing some radio, which is odd, I have not been all that interested in transmitting in ages, so I fired up WSPR and let it run overnight. Not the most impressive collection of spots, but its better than nothing. This was on 20m. I would really like to work DP0GVN in the antarctic in a mode that actually counts. But alas, they have not been all that active in that capacity for sometime.


Wood Carving

Well its not really wood carving, more like toy making. With the help of a mini CNC, bandsaw, drill and die grinder I knocked up these wooden toy guns for my grandsons, Lucas, Keyte and Ezra. They are a little agricultural, but should be appreciated by the boys.



If anyone would like the tool paths, I designed this in Vectric Asipre and I can export the files in DXF, EPS, AI and SVG for importing into your own design software. Just shoot me an email.


My Little Spec An

So yesterday I got to designing a RF Sampler for my little spec an, and one thing led to another and so i connected it to the FeelTech function generator, fired up a sine wave and with the maximum amount of data points over the smallest span the software would allow I took a look at how clean the signal is. Not sure about those 2 spurs, but if they are real and not artifacts, that’s not a good thing.