Volt and Ammeter

Volt and Ammeter

So i discovered something last week or so ago while building power amplifiers. Its a total pain the the butt to be pulling everything apart to wire in the DMM to measure current when setting the bias for fet devices. Also that the meters in my Chinese power supplies are just about useless for anything less than an amp.

So with that in mind, i grabbed out a couple of analog panel meters that I have had sitting here for just about for forever, drew up some artwork in my favorite 2d design package and then went out into the garage to cut and bend some sheet aluminum into something that resembles a case.

Yeah the case is not my best work, but its perfectly serviceable and does the job that its meant to do. IE it houses and protects the meters. So now i can plug this into the power supply, plug the device under test into this and monitor both current and voltage while keeping my DMM free to be used for other jobs.

Yeah I know that you can use 2DMM and achieve the same result, but why spend a lot on an expensive DMM that is going to sit doing nothing most of the time, when for about $10 you can make a bit of test gear that will be good enough.

73, Rob.


Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Its been a while since i have shaken things up around here. Over the last few days I have been migrating to a new server. Actually, rather than being on a VPS i am now on a dedicated server. Its an older server, but the price is great and the specs are perfectly adequate for what I am doing and the outbound data allowance is huge.

So having managed that migration rather smoothly, I have changed my URL to something that better reflects what is going on here and I have also gotten signed digital certificate and am going SSL. So other than a couple of hard coded links, most things here should work by using HTTPS.

So with that change in the air, i am going to go through the old posts and delete things that never worked or were just plain stupid as well as probably add or change some of the content I keep on here. Deletions won’t be wholesale, but there is enough junk on here to warrant a little bit of a clean out. And after i go through the images as well, i might get my backup file to something a little more convenient than the 5gigs its getting close to.

So my first post here was on September 16, 2015 and in that 3 and 1/2 years I have gone through 3 hosting providers. I have also learned a lot. Looking back on some of my old projects the boards i am making now look almost professional compared to the agricultural things I started out making. I also much prefer blogging over making youtube videos also. I do not do any of this to make money. I do it for fun and relaxation only.

I have been thinking for a while to start making more static content for the website. Mostly i make blog posts and they eventually slip off the front page and become history. Well, i can also make static pages within wordpress and I have some ideas of things that i would like to write about. I have some things here that are part written pieces that I was going to submit to another site that i might end up cleaning up and posting here. We will see how that goes.

For now, the cleanup starts. The old URL vk4ffab.info will redirect to here and then, I will start looking at content and a serious look at some projects. I think i have the skill, ability and knowledge to actually pull off some good work, both in the design and building of a project as well as writing content that might be enjoyable to read and be useful.

73. Rob.